The problem - your PC is getting more unstable and constantly crashing?

A PC crash is always frustrating, especially when important data is lost. But the fact is, the longer you use your PC, the less stable it becomes and crashes start to occur more often. Why is that?

When software is installed or deinstalled or settings are adjusted, these changes end up in the Windows ("Registry") configuration data. If it's in good condition, your PC will run smoothly.

But without the Registry Cleaner or regular driver updates, the registry begins to fill up with "renegade" input that is redundant and invalid. The effect - The PC freezes or becomes unstable.

The solution - simpliclean Freeware repairs the Windows Registry and cleans up the PC.

How does this work? The user-friendly simpliclean premium tools clear out or defragment the Windows Registry and thoroughly clean up your PC. Instead of slowing down and constantly crashing, with simplitec your PC will be as fast and reliable as on day one.

  • Registry repair with simpliclean Registry Cleaner
  • Registry defragmentation: Deletes unnecessary input
  • PC cleanup: Removes junk data and shreds deleted files
Registry Cleaner – simpliclean

Registry Cleaner

A reliable PC is essential! The Registry Cleaner from simplitec thoroughly scans your Windows Registry to find stability problems. The program carefully analyses each problem and makes repairs where necessary.
Your PC will become a reliable and trusted friend.

Defragment Registry

Defragment registry

The constant writing & deletion of data in the Windows Registry slows things down. Loading times increase while redundant input multiplies. With the free simpliclean you can counteract this. The databank is condensed, the PC is faster and more stable and you save valuable time.

Clean PC with simpliclean

Clean PC

Delete junk data! Many programs set up temporary files on your computer. Unfortunately these temporary files are often not properly deleted even when they are no longer required. With just one click simpliclean gets rid of all unnecessary files and clears junk data from your PC.

Recycle Bin Shredder

Did you know that Windows files sent to the recycle bin are not securely deleted? You can use simpliclean to overwrite these files with random numbers and get rid of them permanently. This keeps your PC clean, stable and organised.

Save Energy

A computer functions the same as the environment - only a clean system can be stable and reliable. simplitec offers the option of saving energy with one click. Your PC performance will be the same and the environment will thank you!

Multimedia Data Manager

Your hard drive is full again? The Multimedia Data Manager can let you know why! With simpliclean you can quickly and easily find the largest files and folders on your PC. More disk space means more speed!

When the scan is complete the free full version of simpliclean will display how much your PC stability could be improved, e.g. by using the Registry Cleaner.

After identifying any PC problems you can choose to manually or automatically optimize selected areas of your computer using the activated version of simpliclean, this will reduce the chance of errors or computer crashes occurring on your system.

[+] Program interface

Minimum system requirements

  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Free RAM: 256 MB
  • Graphics card: Onboard graphics card with a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768
  • Hard disk memory: 100 MB free disk space for program installation

Program functions and activation require an Internet connection.

What advantages can I expect from
the free simpliclean tools from simplitec?
  • With the Registry Cleaner, your PC will be
    as stable as on day one!
  • Long-term and reliable PC performance
  • Easy to use interface
  • simpliclean saves energy and is available as an environmentally-friendly download version
  • Install software for free
  • simplitec is a Microsoft Gold Partner
  • simpliclean offers all the scan functions from simplifast and simplisafe for free. You can use these to scan your PC for problems at any time.
simpliclean for 1 year for free

simpliclean Power Suite Edition is available with a one-year license. Your advantages:

  • Perfect PC cleaning with simpliclean freeware,
  • The latest updates,
  • Intuitive operation.
simplitec Power Suite (Subscription)
... or even more advantages!

Get even more advantages: Buy simplitec Power Suite for a special price. The Power Suite one year subscription includes not only simpliclean, but also simplifast for more speed and simplisafe for more security !