Use the registry booster!

The Windows registry is essential to all operating system applications. For example, the registry stores files such as application parameters and system files, By changing files, settings, or even programs, unused entries remain in the registry. Over time such a large number of files accumulate that a registry booster is the only option to organise and remove them.

Use the registry booster for visible results!

The registry booster checks the Windows registry for invalid entries (including shortcuts). Registries containing invalid entries can cause unexpected errors, make PCs noticeably slower and negatively affect the system, ultimately resulting in a complete system breakdown.

There are a number of registry cleaners available for free online, however they usually offer a restricted service. These kinds of tools often tell you to what extent a cluttered registry affects PC performance but don't actually provide a solution.

A computer needs a good registry booster!

simpliclean, powered by simplitec, is a simple, yet useful diagnostic tool for dealing with performance problems. It analyzes the registry and check its structural composition. The program automatically cleans the registry, making the computer faster and more reliable.

Every PC should use simplitec tools. simpliclean is highly recommended because it solves any problematic issues using the integrated registry booster.