Registry repair help

The registry is a central database in Windows which stores all important data and options. A number of installed programs can lead to a large and disorganised Windows registry. As well as creating lots of entries, uninstalling or making changes to programs increases the amount of junk data that clogs up the registry. Over time errors work their way into the system until the user has no other option but to clean the registry.

Optimise your PC - clean the registry!

A stable, safe and optimized system can only be guaranteed if you clean the registry from time to time. This should be performed especially often on computers that are put under strain on a regular basis.

In order to manually clean the registry , it is essential to have expert knowledge, which is normally only possessed by IT specialists. Without this technical knowledge making changes to the registry is risky business and often leads to massive problems in Windows. This emphasises the importance of using a specially designed tool to clean the registry . As a rule this software is developed specifically for registry repair and is most often very easy to use.

A registry repair solution!

simpliclean, powered by simplitec, features a registry cleaning tool. This tool searches all the entries in the registry and rates them. The entries are restructured using a specially designed method which automatically cleans the registry and the entire computer, making it faster and more reliable.

Every PC should use the registry repair tool from simplitec, simpliclean is a program developed with years of system optimisation experience, guaranteeing a clean registry.