The registry is the heart of the
operating system!

The registry stores all the important information on the operating system, including any installed programs. Entries are changed every time software or drivers are added or removed from the system. This wealth of information allows the registry to act as a central switch in the computer.

Registry defrags should be performed regularly!

Computers should regularly undergo a registry defrag as part of the PC monitoring process. This process detects and removes any old, unnecessary links or invalid entries. All of the entries in the registry are checked and restructured efficiently when you perform a registry defrag. If you choose to not take these precautions unnecessary files will build up and slow the system down and cause errors. As a rule manual registry defrags should only be done by professionals. Making a mistake can lead to extensive and complicated problems which require time consuming repairs.

Small tool - big result!

The registry can be cleaned safely using simpliclean, powered by simplitec. It performs a registry defrag by meticulously searching the database. The defrag process begins once the scan has been successfully completed. All functions can automatically search the registry independently and in turn make the entire computer faster and more reliable without requiring time and effort on your part.

For the reasons mentioned, simpliclean, powered by simplitec, and its registry defrag tools should be installed on every PC. simpliclean is an intelligent registry defrag solution, which is the result of years of experience in the registry defrag field.