The problem:
Is your PC getting slower and slower?

It's hard to know how to speed up your PC if it's getting slower over time without professional help. Should you defragment the system hard drive or would it be useful to remove start-up programs?

So many complicated, overlapping processes run in Windows, that the main offender is often hard to find: reduced performance is often caused by unnecessary system services or installed software.

How to speed up your PC
with simplifast freeware

How exactly does simplifast speed up my PC?
With just 1 click the simplifast tools scan your PC for problems. The program makes PC boosting suggestions for every speed problem encountered:

  • Defragment the system hard drive for full performance
  • Remove startup programs and stop unnecessary Windows services or processes
  • High Speed Mode to speed up your PC
defrag computer with simplifast

Defragment System Hard Drive

Normally Windows doesn't write and delete files in one go, but rather in multiple fragments.
The simplifast Defragment Program does this in reverse: this PC defragment function provides noticeably faster and more efficient access to your files.

Clean startup programs with simplifast

Clean startup programs for faster startup

Did you know that during system startup programs are automatically preloaded so they can be started faster later on? Most of these processes slow down your system and are not needed on a day-to-day basis. The free simplifast simply switches off these processes, guaranteeing full performance.

High-Speed Mode with simplifast

High-Speed Mode for improved performance

Do you use applications that require maximum performance? Then use the awesome High Speed Mode! With the press of a button unnecessary or rarely-used services and functions are deactivated temporarily. They can be switched back on at any time. High-Speed Mode helps you to stay flexible and save valuable time!

Faster surfing with simplifast: Even through a broadband connection Internet Explorer and Firefox can slow down if they aren't configured properly. simplifast analyses your Internet settings and optimises them with one click!

Optimise Windows Services: During system start Windows loads unnecessary programs and services that are not needed for normal operation of a PC. With simplifast you can shut these off and speed up your PC!

Optimise Windows Settings: Do you want to make Windows faster? Then let simplifast optimise your settings automatically! Customise Windows to your needs. With simplifast you can apply the most optimal settings for Windows.



After a PC scan the free version of simplifast provides you with detailed list of information on how much you can speed up your PC. Plus you can also switch on high-speed mode whenever you want.

When all the problems have been identified you can choose to optimise either individual areas or let the free full version of simplifast perform all automatic functions all at once.

[+] Program interface

Minimum system requirements

  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Free RAM: 256 MB
  • Graphics card: Onboard graphics card with a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768
  • Hard disk memory: 100 MB free disk space for program installation

Program functions and activation require an Internet connection.

What advantages can I expect from the free simplifast tools from simplitec?

  • Speed up PC by as much as 300%!
  • Defrag my computer for faster file access
  • Faster surfing on the web
  • Full power & flexibility with the High Speed Mode
  • Easy to use
  • Install software for free
  • simplitec is a Microsoft Gold Partner.
  • simplifast offers all the scan functions from simplisafe and simpliclean for free. You can use these to scan your PC for problems at any time.
simplifast free for 1 year

simplifast is available as a 1-year full version for free.
Your advantages:

  • Perfect PC acceleration with simplifast freeware
  • Latest updates
  • Intuitive operation
simplitec Power Suite (Subscription)
... or even more advantages!

Get even more advantages: Buy simplitec Power Suite for a special price. The Power Suite one year subscription includes not only simplifast, but also simpliclean for more reliability and simplisafe for more security !