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dotnetfx.exe - Microsoft Windows .NET Framework

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The following Potential Threat is posed by dotnetfx.exe:

  • Any program can pretend to be dotnetfx.exe and thus expose your computer to potential risk.
  • Because dotnetfx.exe can access so deep into your system, you should regularly check whether one of the copies is a virus on your PC.

Information about the dotnetfx.exe process

Behind the dotnetfx.exe file is a module, which belongs to Windows .NET. Dotnetfx.exe is responsible for the update function of the .NET program and accesses the system on a very deep level as a native Windows program . This .exe file is invisible for normal users! If you still see a dotnetfx.exe we recommend caution, since this file can access your registry, too. Changes to the registry can cause significant damage to your computer. For this reason, you shouldn't remove this file, even if you suspect that it is malware, without conducting a security check first.

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