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explorer.exe - Windows Explorer

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The following Potential Threat is posed by explorer.exe:

  • Due to its complexity, explorer.exe is characterized by its high CPU loads, especially since multiple instances of the service may be running under various user accounts.
  • If the file is located in a directory other than C:\Windows\, this indicates that probably a virus, Trojan or worm is pretending to be explorer.exe.

Information about the explorer.exe process

Behind the explorer.exe file is a central Windows process, the so-called. Windows Explorer. Its responsibilities include the task bar, the desktop icons and the context menu called up by a right mouse click. Although the process must be started separately, explorer.exe is almost always running in the Task Manager. If ever the task bar, the icons and/or the context menus stop working or disappear, this is an indicator that this process has crashed.

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