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igfxtray.exe - Intel(R) Common User Interface

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The following Potential Threat is posed by igfxtray.exe:

  • Any dangerous virus, Trojan or worm can easily pretend to be igfxtray.exe and infect your system.
  • If the file is located in a directory other than C:\Windows\System32, it is well possible that this is a virus, Trojan or worm.

Information about the igfxtray.exe process

Behind the igfxtray.exe file is a process that embeds an icon into the system tray, which presents the "81x" row together with the graphic driver for Intel chipsets. Additionally, configuration and diagnosis applications can be started with the igfxtray.exe program. Since you can change the same settings in the Control Panel, this tray icon is only complimentary, or additional in character.

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