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vsmon.exe - ZoneLabs True Vector Internet Monitor

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The following Potential Threats are posed by vsmon.exe:

  • The vsmon.exe process can, depending on system specifications, applications and use, can place a high CPU load on the system.
  • Any malware can be named with any name and for this reason often uses file names of other known processes. For this reason, you should check the path of your vsmon.exe file. It should correspond to the program's installation folder.

Information about the vsmon.exe process

The vsmon.exe process is a core component of the ZoneAlarm, personal firewall which watches Internet traffic and initiates warning notifications, depending on your security settings.

The vsmon.exe may cause errors! You should additionally conduct a free scan using simplifast FREE to check whether your system is compromised by unnecessary autorun processes.

Other system processes, that often cause problems: