Automatic PC Acceleration!
Just one click gets your PC back into top shape and makes it as fast as it was on day one!
That means more time for you!

Live Monitoring!
simplitec PC Live constantly checks your system for performance, stability and updates.
Your PC is always protected.

Customised PC Maintenance!
Each of the over 40 included premium functions can be individually set to guarantee optimal effectiveness
for your PC.

As fast as a new PC only cheaper!

Have you ever wondered why your PC is slowing down? Why isn't it as fast, stable and up-to-date as it was when it was new?

Accelerate your PC by up to 300%
With simplitec that is exactly what you can do! In a selection of PCs with differing configurations simplitec Power Suite Premium managed to increase the performance of test devices by up to 300%, achieving results that were nearly equal to - or in some cases better - than new PCs. Save money and optimise your PC instead of having to buy a new one.

Improved PC performance & more options for you

In addition to specialist assistance with speed, stability and
update problems, simplitec also offers other useful tools.

Defragment Hard Drive:
Access to your PC files slows down more and more every day because Windows files are not written in a single block and end up as fragments scattered all over your hard drive. Defragmenting reverses this process and gives you noticeably faster access to your files.

Customise Windows:
Take advantage of hidden Windows settings that are otherwise difficult to change.
With just a few clicks you can adjust the performance & start settings as well as the design & taskbar.

Your PC gets a checkup:
With just one click the simplitec Performance Check determines the performance level of your entire system as well as all relevant computer components. You'll see straight away which components are slowing down your PC and how powerful your computer is in comparison to current standards.

Efficiency through energy saving:
Go easy on your PC and your pocket.
With simplitec it's easy to do both by applying hidden Windows energy saving functions.
Increase battery life and reduce energy consumption by up to 15%.

After an extensive scan simplitec Power Suite Premium shows you which areas of your PC can be optimized, keeping your system running the way it should - quickly and reliably. More importantly simplitec also provides you with the option to repair each problem individually.

[+] Program interface

Minimum system requirements

  • Processor: 400 MHz
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Graphics card: Onboard graphics card with a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 600
  • Hard disk memory: 300 MB free disk space for program installation

Note: Program activation and updates require an Internet connection.

simplitec Power Suite Premium:
Your advantages at a glance

Use the efficient premium tools for professional performance enhancement, updates, and cleanup of your PC. Additional convenience tools complete this comprehensive package. 

What exactly does Power Suite Premium offer?

  • Driver updates
  • Optimisation of system start & Windows Services:
    turns off unnecessary input
  • Registry cleanup & organisation
  • Hard drive defragmentation & high-speed mode
  • Deletion of junk data & energy saving features
  • PC monitoring & automatic optimisation!
  • Performance checks & increased memory
  • Internet tuning & deletion of digital footprints
  • File recovery & data shredding
  • Customised configuration of Windows & display
    of PC info etc.
simplitec Power Suite Premium (Subscription)
Your 1-year subscription

simplitec programs are available as subscriptions.
Your advantages:

  • Latest updates
  • Install on as many as 3 PCs
  • 24/7 web support
  • Automatic licence renewal for only € 49,99