Is your data really only accessible to you?

Maybe you accidentally deleted an important document from the Windows Recycle Bin. This can happen easily with the Window delete process. In this case how is it possible to recover data?

What about the other way around? Does Windows have the necessary features to shred sensitive data, personal data or digital footprints and to use the latest updates? This is the only way to ensure that websites aren't able to identify you or monitor your digital footprint.

Data recovery

More security thanks to data recovery, file shredding and driver updates

The data recovery program, simplitec freeware, offers all the tools that are necessary and more. Security first!

Make sure that your private data is fully secure and only accessible by you or authorised people:

  • Data Recovery
  • Delete digital footprints & protect your privacy
  • Update drivers

Data Recovery

The free simplisafe allows you to recover data from the Windows Recycle Bin that has not yet been overwritten. This works if they were deleted using the normal Windows delete process (Delete file & empty Recycle Bin). Data recovery is a really useful feature if you accidentally deleted files you actually need.

Update drivers

Outdated drivers affect your PC stability. That's why it's important to update them regularly.
You can do this manually and for free, but it takes time. The Driver Update feature takes care of all this for you. For more than 35,000 hardware components, drivers are available to keep your system up to date and compatible with just one click.

Delete Internet history

Play it safe - protect yourself!
When you visit websites your PC saves hidden data about you that could compromise your privacy.
If you want to avoid being identified, or at worst monitored by websites,
you should simply delete temporary Internet files, cookies or the history.

Shred Deleted Files
The Windows Recycle Bin does not securely delete sensitive files. That means it is possible for others to access and restore them. simplisafe overwrites these files with random numbers to prevent this from happening.

Update Software
Are you sure that the programs on your PC are up to date? simplisafe keeps the software installed on you computer updated. A list shows you the updates that are available. This helps to close dangerous security gaps.

Uninstall Wizard

Fewer programs means better performance. The Uninstall Wizard is the perfect helper for finding and uninstalling unnecessary programs that are eating up your CPU resources. Did you know that having multiple virus scanners installed can actually have a negative effect on your PC speed and security? The Uninstall Wizard also checks for this problem.

After successfully scanning your PC the free full version of simplisafe will show you how large a digital footprint you have from surfing the net. With the program's advanced tools you perform a check to see whether there are driver or software updates for your system and find out if it's necessary to shred deleted files.

As soon as errors have been detected you can use the free full version of simplisafe to repair them individually.

[+] Program interface

Minimum system requirements

  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Free RAM: 256 MB
  • Graphics card: Onboard graphics card with a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768
  • Hard disk memory: 100 MB free disk space for program installation

Program functions and activation require an Internet connection.

What security measures do free simplisafe tools offer?

  • Data recovery is possible for files deleted using standard Windows processes
  • Conversely, files can be deleted safely and permanently
  • Security risks can be minimised with driver and software updates
  • Delete Internet history and cookies to protect your privacy
  • Install software for free
  • simplitec's user interface is easy to use
  • simplitec only offers downloads and that means it's environmentally friendly
  • simplisafe offers all the scan functions from simplifast and simpliclean for free. You can use these to scan your PC for problems at any time.
simplisafe free for 1 year

simplisafe Power Suite Edition is available with a one-year license. Your advantages:

  • Perfect PC security with simplisafe freeware
  • Latest updates
  • Intuitive operation
simplitec Power Suite (Subscription)
... or even more advantages!

Get even more advantages: Buy simplitec Power Suite for a special price. The Power Suite one year subscription includes not only simplisafe but also simpliclean for more reliability and simplifast for more speed !