Computer crash?
There can be lots of reasons why!

If you experience a computer crash, it is normally because a serious error had occurred. This does not need to be a cause for concern. A computer crash occurs most often when you're working on a project or file but haven't saved it yet. The process is normally like this: you have a computer crash, you lose your work, you realize how much time wasted, which causes frustration.

Thread discussions - why does my computer keep crashing!

The sheer number of online discussions about computer crashes is proof of how widespread the problem is. The main problem lies in the amount of diagnostic tools and computer repair programs that are available. Finding the right solution to the problem takes time, but also requires a certain amount of technical knowledge. If you haven't been in a forum where the topic is "a computer crash" most of the discussion is about exchanging knowledge and tips. Most of the time this information comes in the form of error descriptions, screenshots, error messages and so on.

Does your computer crash?
Help is here!

The simpliclean software, developed by simplitec, features a range of tools to stop the dreaded computer crash. simpliclean checks the system for performance problems and other error-prone areas. As a rule any errors found are automatically repaired using advanced features, ensuring that your computer runs faster, more reliably and without any errors.

Every PC should have simplitec software, especially if you often experience a computer crash. simpliclean is a expertly designed all round solution, that automatically takes cares of any problems for you. A computer crash is the first thing you need to deal with! What now? Is it already too late? Protect yourself against a dreaded computer crash!