The science behind the defragmentation process.

The hard drive in a computer is used to store data and information. Therefore if a computer is used frequently, so is the hard drive inside. Which means that a fragmented hard drive leads to contiguous clusters being separated. The more scattered the data is, the longer it takes to perform read and write processes, which is immensely important for a defrag from time to time.

Defragmentation improves organization

A number of read, write, and delete operations take place on the hard drive depending on the applications you use. These processes create free spaces, which are filled with new data at a later date. This results in the information being scattered, which makes it considerably slower to access files. The fragmented areas are restructured by defragmenting the computer. The defragmentation process is essential to optimizing your system and should therefore always be included in regular maintenance checks.

The entire system benefits from defragmentation!

simplifast, powered by simplitec, offers a suitable defragmentation tool which reduces the amount of time it takes to access files. It analyzes the available hard drives and registry and checks their contents for noncontiguous clusters. Contiguous clusters of files allow the computer to access the data more efficiently, i.e. faster. This restructuring is based on proven technology, whose automatic processes speed up the entire computer.

To remove performance problems and noncontiguous clusters every PC should use simplifast by simplitec. simplifast defrags the hard drive and registry for you.