Is it really necessary to delete cookies?

Cookies only store small bits of information in your browser, such as web addresses, computer specs, data you enter on websites. This means that the next time you visit the website you can reuse this data without having to type it again. Cookie technology has come a long way, so much so that most business collect information using cookies. But cookies don't delete themselves!

Delete cookies from time to time

Not all cookies are bad! Cookies save you from having to reenter details every time you visit a website, because they have been saved from your last session. This is only the case if you are careful which cookies you delete.

Deleting cookies has its advantages and disadvantages: This kind of information is worth a lot of money nowadays. Particularly in the marketing field. Companies with specific information on their customers have a competitive edge as they are able to advertize their products more intelligently using ads on relevant sites. This considerably improves their chance of generating sales. This is quite clear if you pay attention to the ads that appear on your browser. It's no coincidence that they are relevant to you and your interests. This data belongs is private yet is still used by some companies to make more money. Every user should delete cookies regularly for exactly this reason.

How to delete cookies and improve security!

If you are going to delete cookies it is hard to know which ones due to the vast number of browsers and different versions of Windows. It really depends on the browser and operating system. simplisafe, powered by simplitec, searches your browser for saved cookies and automatically deletes them for you. Delete cookies if you want to want to remain anonymous and prevent websites from being able to identify you.

Use simplisafe, powered by simplitec, and its integrated tools to delete cookies and protect your privacy. Thanks to years of experience and specially developed tools simplisafe allows you to remove cookies from all browsers and operating systems with a click.