Taking care of hardware using driver updates

Drivers are small files that Windows and software applications use to communicate with hardware. This makes it easy to use USB sticks, mice, etc without any problems. That's why it's so important for driver updates to be part of the regular PC maintenance checks.

Driver updates the easy way!

In most cases updates are found when hardware hasn't been used for a while. In turn the driver installed for the hardware is outdated too. Only on rare occasions do driver updates take place automatically. Manual drive updates can be made by going to the device manager and comparing the list of hardware components and checking to see if their drivers are up to date.

simplisafe, powered by simplitec, takes care of this task for you and checks the hardware using driver update software. By comparing the database it makes it easy to figure out driver updates without any extra effort. With a click simplisafe works out which drivers need updating, saving you time and effort.

Simple driver updates with simplisafe!

For maximum performance every PC should use simplisafe and the integrated driver update software for simplitec. simplisafe draws on years of experience as well as a huge database of manufacturers and their drivers to offer maximum performance with a click. In addition, the ease of use and intuitive operation enables every simplisafe user to update drivers quickly and easily. Another advantage is the incredible amount of time you can save, which thanks to the automatic features create free time for you to do other things.