Permanently delete files using a shredder!

Shredders safely delete files that have already been deleted by Windows, so they can't be restored by third parties. As a rule simply emptying the Recycle Bin isn't enough if you want to delete files permanently and thus make them impossible to restore.

The importance of shredding data

Any PC user should consider using a proper shredder to shred important and personal data. The Internet poses many threats and can be a real danger for any PC user. Every PC user should be aware that there are more things to worry about than just viruses and trojans, when you delete files in Windows they can be restored quite easily.

When talking about threats and dangers to your computer it is still true to say that knowledge is power, even in today's information age. From this it's quite understandable that lots of PC threats stem from files that weren't properly shredded. Unfortunately data thieves target sensitive data in order to gain an upper hand. There are lots of ways to protect yourself against these threats and in turn reduce your vulnerability.

The ultimate shredder solution

simplisafe, powered by simplitec, provides a tool to "shred deleted files" once and for all. This software shreds files so they cannot be restored. The simplisafe file shredder does exactly this. Permanently delete files with this tool making it impossible to restore them.

For more security every PC user should use an up to date virus protection program in combination with simplisafe which features the file shredder tool from simplitec. simplisafe doesn't just delete data it completely shreds them guaranteeing a safe and trustworthy way to get rid of personal data.