Update drivers and take care of your hardware!

Despite being as important as software updates, hardware driver updates are often overlooked. Usually it is possible to optimize the performance potential of these components if you update drivers. Doing this can lead to improvements in performance and / or more features, options and energy saving settings. Without mentioning the increases in stability.

Update drivers? Time-consuming and technical?

Without even considering the prospect of updating the drivers, simply checking for necessary drivers for hardware can be a time-consuming and tough job, this can seem nearly impossible task for inexperienced users, especially when the manufacturer's website is badly designed. Moreover you'll often find that the latest drivers are not offered by the computer's manufacturer, but only by the manufacturers of the individual components. If you run into this issue the most common questions are: What exact model have I got? What drivers do I need? Do I have to update drivers?

Searching for drivers is even harder, and more risky, for people who don't know the ins and outs of their computer, especially if manufacturer lump any drivers from older series together, which is often the case for old models.

Get useful, clear information on new drivers with a click!

Update drivers the easy way! Let simplisafe take care of your drivers instead of wasting time manually updating them yourself. simplisafe, powered by simplitec, checks your hardware and its drivers. By comparing the database it makes it easy to figure out which drivers to update.

For maximum security every PC should use simplisafe from simplitec. simplisafe draws on years of experience as well as a huge database of manufacturers, which means it is able to update drivers with a click.