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csrss.exe - Microsoft Client Server Runtime Process

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The following Potential Threat is posed by csrss.exe:

  • The csrss.exe process is a possible Trojan, which allows attacks from without, clearing access for information such as passwords and Internet banking information.
  • If the csrss.exe file is found in a directory other than C:\WINDOWS\System32\, it presents a serious security risk in the form of a possible Trojan.
  • If multiple instances of csrss.exe are running on your PC, this indicates a possible virus or Trojan attack.

Information about the csrss.exe process

The csrss.exe process stands for Client Server Runtime Process and is part of all Windows operating systems. In earlier Windows versions, this process administered the majority of all graphical commands. It is considered one of the most important system processes, since it is responsible for start of other processes, threading and Windows console windows functions. Csrss.exe is active whenever the computer is on.

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